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    • Internal auditors don’t fulfil the competency requirements without appropriate training and exposure
    • Time scarcity to perform the audits and issue reports
    • Submission of reports with less or no findings or objective evidence
    • Not demonstrating the process approach or risk-based thinking when conducting the audit
    • Management response to findings/report not in time
  • Variation in the reporting/focus and overall quality of audits due to internal turnover
    • Fresh set of objective and impartial eyes from external the organization.
    • Reduces the investment in continual training on changing requirements of the company.
    • Timely and professional reports.
    • Cost and time effective whilst freeing up internal resources.
    • Attention to an outside expert by the management, especially when there are sensitive issues that an inside auditor may be hesitant to address.
    • Better internal response and acceptance for the findings and opportunities for improvement.
    • New content, findings, comments, opportunities for improvement (OFI), and observations for added value.

Our Auditors have:

    •  In-depth knowledge of the standard’s requirements.

    •  Experience in the field and can share best practices.
    • An understanding of the process approach and risk-based thinking.
  • The ability to provide consulting while auditing.
  • Compliance to ISO 19011 on auditing management systems.

All solid reasons for turning organisation internal audits over to our experts. After all, the true intent of being certified is to assist improve the company, which will in due course have a positive impact on the bottom line.