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Focus on the future while recognizing the past with consistent measurable results help the organisation to continuously improve organisation needs. Our expert team will drive operational improvement thorough defining and alignment of metrics, Balanced Scorecards and reports to expected outcomes.

Our expert team will drive operational improvement through defining and alignment of metrics, Balanced Scorecards and reports to expected outcomes.

The purpose of measurement is to Measure, Communicate, Manage and Improve Business Performance.

Avix Consulting’s Performance Measurement approach helps organizations bring into a line, operational activities with strategic business priorities that include Balanced Scorecards, metrics and a closed-loop performance measurement system.

  • Organisations can drive the right decisions and behaviours throughout diverse operations by properly designing and implementing measurements. And your organisation can answer key questions like:
· How do we increase visibility to operations?
· Are the long-term strategic objectives linked to operational-level measures?
· Are we measuring the right parameters?
· How the performance measures are interrelated?
· Are we improving our internal business processes for competitive advantage?
· How does measurement become proactive?

Avix is available to provide you with the Performance Measurement services that are packaged to provide our customers with end-to-end and point-specific solutions. Go through below to learn about each Competency in our Performance Measurement approach.?

Organizations usually measure commercial performance with a partial point of views such as labour productivity or capacity utilization where it’s should be looked at from several different perspectives. All of them are beneficial to the strategic success of the organisation. Our experts will work with all business divisions to develop a Balanced Scorecard that provides a comprehensive framework to view the performance from multiple, equally important perspectives.

Only what gets measured will be improved! , So ensuring measures are correctly defined is critical to get what you need. Our experts work with you to define actionable, controllable and repeatable metrics that align with your key business strategies. We also design Balanced Scorecards and Reports that clearly communicate metrics to stakeholders.

The process of closed-loop performance measurement turns measures into action. It describes the end-to-end processes for collecting, analyzing, and using performance data by providing:

      ·       An iterative process that continually assesses whether current measures drive the organisation toward its strategic vision.

      ·       A feedback, audit and review process that permits an organization to monitor short-term results without losing sight of long-term objectives

·    A mechanism to monitor decision-making and continuous improvement efforts

The main thing crucial to success is developing organizational buy-in to performance measurement philosophies and frameworks. Our experts change management strategy integrates performance measurement into your organisations’ corporate culture through:

      ·       Establishing Management sponsorship

      ·       Connecting the strategic role of performance

      ·       Training appointed staff on the concepts of performance measurement and how data should be analyzed and used

      ·       Developing agreement on metrics with key stakeholders

      ·       Aligning overall business strategy with objectives and incentives for the individual.

·       Develop processes and transferring ownership required to maintain the Performance Measurement System..

Establishing a Continuous Improvement culture is critical to the successful deployment of any performance measurement initiative. Continuous performance monitoring allows employees at all levels to understand what they can do to help meet strategic objectives while improving business performance by:

      ·       Reviewing if targets are being met

      ·       Measuring performance against the value drivers

      ·       Confirming progress against strategy goals

      ·       Support discovery of potential improvements

      ·       Recognise performance improvements

Implementing a thorough performance measurement platform allows your organisation to define and recognize the quickest path to business value. It is achieved by providing clear performance expectations and ongoing feedback on results. We can provide our services to smart and seamless business anywhere future where every process is semi/fully automated and paperless and everyone is ready for what the future holds.