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Why Avix BeX Sourcing
Reduce operating costs

Experience has shown a 40-60% decrease in costs from economies of scale, off-shore services and variable expense versus fixed costs of full-time resources.


We are outside the political landscape and focused entirely on your success because it ensures their success by definition. We can even instill confidence in your customers that an independent third party is looking out for their interests.

Risk management

Objectivity, accountability, competency, experience, and unlimited resources are available when and where needed, which means no surprises.

Focus resources and energy on core processes

Quality demands the involvement of your scarcest resource, your best staff, due to high visibility and risk, who are the same resources that are key to growing your core business.

Management attention

– It’s an investment. Management pays a lot more attention to the ROI on any spending than it does on time spent by internal resources. As your partner, the BeX outsource will have direction from and accountability to top management.

Customer security

As your BeX outsource partner will be one voice of your Customer, ensuring their needs are known and met. At times will be your conscience when the all-to-often grey areas demand a dissenting voice.

World-class experience

It takes considerable time to train your own staff in the technical and complicated methods of quality management, and their only benchmark in many cases is entirely internal. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge with specific skills sharpened from years of experience in all types of situations and businesses.

Employee acceptance

It is much easier and less risky for an employee to air sensitive problems with a third party than directly with their superiors.

Fewer hassles

You don’t need succession planning, no turnover, no delays in critical projects for lack of resources add up to a better quality of life for the client.
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As your best partner, we can summarize the 5 R's of BeX Sourcing

  • Results - Start with the end in mind. Set clear measurable goals and deliverables with us and expect regular updates regarding the key milestones. We focus on your success not your satisfaction; will be willing to tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear
  • Reputation - We have a proven track record and capabilities in all areas of the BeX you’re looking to outsource. We will provide a full service who can manage the entire scope of work either first-hand or through subcontractors. This keeps the accountability with us as the partner but allows us to marshal the necessary resources to ensure the best solutions.

  • Relationship - We will do our best to protect the trust and compatibility right down to the core values of both organizations. Avix as your outsource partner will impact your overall Business Excellence Culture, with a common value system
  • Regulation - Even with the best relationship there need to be controls in place. We will set boundaries where needed to ensure the scope and expense as per the agreements. We take responsibility to monitor progress on agreed-upon deliverables and provide timely feedback to your management
  • Renewal - As we expect to build a sound business relationship through the appropriate use of recognition and rewards for our outstanding performance for more business and strong endorsements we will meet and exceed your expectations for continuation
How to start BeX Sourcing
    • List all the Business Excellence Functions currently being conducted within your organization.
    • Conduct a detailed cost, including headcount, for the planned functions.
    • From the list of “What functions can be included in Business Excellence out Sourcing?” determine if there are other functions you would like to include.
    • Rate and plot each function using the Our Avix BeX Sourcing Source Range Chart
    • Determine which of those Business Excellence functions you would like to outsource, why you want to outsource it and what results you expect.
    • Select your potential Business Excellence Sourcing partner, provide them with the list of functions you would like to outsource along with details about the scope of the work.
    • Meet with the Sourcing partner and provide clarification on any questions to assist in their preparation of a quote, references and endorsements.
    • Assess the potential Business Excellence partner’s compatibility and reputation, as well as their competency and capacity to handle the proposed work.
    • Select a Sourcing partner.
  • Utilize the 5 R’s of Sourcing to manage the partnership
When to start BeX Sourcing


    • Before the financial situation needs it.
  • Before the competitor does it
    • Before your lack of resources compromises your organisation.
    • When skills, and services of experts needed beyond your current competencies.
    • When time and speed is critical.
  • When you’re allocating more time on trivialities than on your core business


  • Once you’ve lost the business