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Our expert’s services work hand-in-hand with one another to drive, enable and sustain process improvements through the organization.

Improvement Efforts

Operational Excellence (OpeX) is about developing and strengthening the management systems and processes of an organization to enhance performance and create value for stakeholders. BeX is much more than having a quality system in place. BeX is about achieving excellence in everything that an organization does (including leadership, strategy, customer focus, information management, people and processes) and most importantly achieving superior business results.

Our experts will deliver a balanced solutions and par excellence experiences. If you want to improve your processes and stay ahead of the competition? Together, our consultants can get you there.

Your operations and processes are fundamental to your company’s ability to deliver value to get you where you want to be.

In order to stay ahead of competitors and drive desired business outcomes, companies require to reimagine their operation and processes in a holistic way in this evolving marketplace competition and digital technology disruption.

Our Operational Excellence services enable organizations to address these challenges by creating and delivering world-class business capabilities while acting as a key pillar in any successful business transformation.


When it comes to solving many of the competitive challenges that companies face today Operational Excellence can be a game-changer. Organisations that effectively take advantages of OpeX to address opportunities and threats have an advantage in the marketplace and themselves to deliver unmatched value to internal and external customers by positioning them uniquely.

OpeX has a significant impact on organisations performance. A key is understanding what your organisation is trying to achieve. Mentioned below are the six primary value drivers for operational excellence:

Financial Performance

Optimize the use of assets and resources improved by revenue growth to deliver strong financial results and competitive advantage.

Business Agility

Adapt rapidly to marketplace opportunities and threats in a cost-effective and productive manner (for example, processes enabled via digital technology).

Customer Involvement

Surpass internal and external customer expectations around quality, customer service and responsiveness while minimizing defects.

Reliability & Predictability

Provide predictable, repeatable and consistent operational performance.


Develop and grow operations proficiently without adding resources, headcount, or cost.

Visibility & Transparency

Improve visibility of processes and performance through metrics, Service Level Agreements (SLA), and escalation that allows future issues to be expected and rectified proactively.

A standardised and measurable OpeX program enables your organization to become a process-focused and managed business through standardized methods, tools, and approaches that can be leveraged across the organisation.


Operational Assessment and Roadmap

Your organisation need a holistic approach to operational excellence which includes people, processes, information and technology. We categorize and prioritize improvement opportunities based on your business strategy, desired outcomes and organizational readiness. We categorize and rank process improvement initiatives based on their value to your business and organizational readiness. An organisations’ processes, organizational structure, personnel and technology solutions collectively define how work is accomplished and value is delivered. World-class organizations repeatedly analyse the effectiveness of core operational processes to identify problems and improve performance

Process Assessment Service Overview

The foundation for our Process and Competency Assessment Service is a comprehensive methodology for assessing process effectiveness, prioritizing processes to align with business strategy, and evaluating an organization’s readiness for change.

We work with your organisation to measure process performance and maturity levels of all operational areas. We identify root-cause issues, key opportunities and recommendations for each operational area through performance baselining and benchmarking, process analysis, management interviews and working sessions.

Process Assessment and Value targeted process mapping provide the quickest path to adding business value by targeting the highest value-added opportunities across high impact processes.

Process Assessment Competencies

Our Process Assessment service competencies are tailored to your specific business situation to ensure that maximum value is provided in the shortest amount of time.


Process Documentation

In our methodology, documentation tools and techniques portray the current state and future state processes while nurturing a detailed understanding of end-to-end processes and inter-relationships.

Clear and accurate process documentation provides:

Ø  the basis to manage and improve processes

Ø  involve employees to core processes

Ø  safeguards a consistent view of operations

Ø  bring in a culture of consistent and standardized procedures

Process Maturity / Opportunity Assessment

The process to determine the process maturity is based on several key criteria that we use to determine maturity and classify key themes, issues and opportunities of processes. The criteria assessed include:

·       Awareness & Knowledge of the processes

·       Alignment & Ownership of the processes

·       Effectiveness of the processes

·       Performance Metric Alignment

·       Skills and Organization Enablement

It is critical to understand your organization’s ability to sustain and build upon benefits not only enable and support delivered through a process excellence program. A readiness assessment is performed for each major department and division impacted by the process excellence program.

  • We’ll evaluate the areas that are critical to upkeep process excellence, including:

·       OpeX Program Sponsorship

·       Governance Structures

·       OpeX Methods, Tools & Analytics

·       Training and Effectiveness

·       Organization Readiness for Change

·       OpeX Resources / Skills

·       Technology Platforms (e.g., BPM)